Dual Credit

What options are there for earning college credit while at BHS?

There are several options: students can take courses that are offered in school and occur during normal school hours, courses that are offered through Gallatin College MSU, and courses offered online through other two-year colleges in the Montana University System. Choosing the right option depends on student interest, course availability, and student learning style. Read on to learn about each option for earning college credit in high school.


Dual credit/college credit options for high school students


BHS in-school course options


In-school dual credit courses are offered during the normal school hours in BHS classrooms. These classes are college-level courses taught in the high school which students can enroll in to earn college credit for their work. They may be taught by a BHS instructor, an MSU or Gallatin College instructor, or team taught. These courses count towards high school graduation and also qualify for college credit. For these classes students register through the normal BHS class registration process.  Students must then choose to opt in for college credit in the class by filling out an application, a registration form, and a release of information form and submitting them to Gallatin College’s dual enrollment coordinator, Amy Williams. Dual credit enrollment is not automatic with high school enrollment, students must choose to do so. All forms are available from Mrs. Williams or can be downloaded off of Gallatin College’s website at http://gallatin.montana.edu/programs/dual.php.  Mrs. Williams also conducts enrollment sessions for each of the classes at BHS. Single-semester fall classes go through enrollment paperwork in the spring, generally April. Yearlong classes go through enrollment paperwork in the fall, generally November.

Current course offerings include:

  • ACTG101 Accounting Procedures 1,
  • AHMS144 Medical Terminology,
  • CSCI 107 Joy and Beauty of Computing,
  • EDU101US Teaching and Learning,
  • M145 Math for the Liberal Arts
  • WRIT104 Workplace Communications

Note: Offerings may change, contact Amy Williams or BHS counseling for current courses.



Out-of-school course options


Gallatin College courses:

When open seats are available, juniors and seniors with a dual enrollment application on file with Gallatin College may register to take courses for college credit for the dual credit rate of $49.50 per credit (additional fees may apply for some classes and students are responsible for their course materials, such as textbooks). This is a tremendous opportunity for motivated students fulfill general coursework prior to attending college. Gallatin College students have first priority in registration for courses, but near to the start of the semester a limited number of seats may be available for high school students interested in taking courses. The courses are held at one of our three campuses (the MSU campus, the B-wing of BHS, or GC East-705 Osterman Dr.) and generally start after 4pm. Classes are available for our fall, spring, and summer semesters. In addition, some courses may require placement via ACT/SAT score or exam.  

All enrollment of this nature is coordinated by Gallatin College’s dual enrollment coordinator on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Amy Williams for more information.

Note: Gallatin College generally limits each student to two total courses (in either mode of delivery) per semester. Generally these courses are available for college credit only and will NOT fulfill high school graduation requirements.


Online options through other MUS two-year colleges:

The Montana University System (MUS) has substantial offerings for motivated high school students who are interested in taking on college level course work online. The Montana Digital Academy acts as a clearinghouse for online offerings two year colleges in the MUS. To find out what is available go to the MTDA website (http://montanadigitalacademy.org) and click on the “Dual Enrollment” link. In the section called “Steps to Dual Enrollment” there is usually an option to “click here” to look at current course offerings. Clicking on that link will bring you to the listing of courses, which can be substantial depending on the semester. To pursue enrollment in a particular class you will need to contact the person listed for the course. Each two-year college controls their own enrollments and courses. Please note that the MTDA doesn’t coordinate enrollment for any of the courses. Need guidance on what to take? Contact Gallatin Collage’s Dual Enrollment coordinator to discuss your options based on your educational and career goals. Some of the course are available for dual credit and some for college credit only. If you need a dual credit course to satisfy high school graduation requirements, then you should be discuss this with your high school counselor well in advance of registering for the course. Talk to your counselor before counting on dual credit for an online course.

Note: The student will need to contact the registrar’s office of the institution in which they completed the course to request a transcript be sent to the college they choose to pursue their degree in order to transfer the credit.


General Questions about dual and college credit in high school

What type of students should take dual credit classes?

These classes are recommended for students capable of college level coursework. Students need not be top academic performers but must be academically strong, hardworking, and focused. Many high school students fit this description. Because this credit is recorded on an MSU transcript, students should be willing to commit the time and effort necessary to be successful in the class. Most classes occur in the evening, therefore students must have the free time to commit to the class. The majority of courses occur on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Missing a class is equivalent to missing half the week of a high school class. A general guide is for every hour spent in class a student should anticipate spending 1.5-3 hours outside of class studying or working on assignments.

Generally, opting in for college credit in a dual credit class is an opportunity limited to juniors and seniors; however, with written recommendation from the instructor, a younger student may be eligible to enroll. Additionally, math and some writing courses require placement via ACT/SAT scores or a qualification by placement exam, the same as the college requirement. 

How much do dual credit classes cost?

BHS in-school courses are $49.50 per credit with no fees. The in-school classes offered at BHS are 2-4 credits. Depending on the class, the cost is $99.00-$198.  This is a substantial savings; the same classes taken as a Gallatin College or MSU student cost about three to five times as much. Students who enroll in Gallatin College courses pay $49.50/credit, but may have additional fees depending on the course. Students are responsible for all additional course costs for out-of-school college credit options (textbooks, additional fees, course materials, etc.) Courses offered online though other two-year colleges have their own tuition and fee arrangements but generally offer the half price tuition and waive fees. Contact that college’s coordinator for details.

When do I enroll?

Gallatin College’s dual enrollment coordinator conducts enrollment paperwork sessions for every in-school dual enrollment class. Single-semester fall classes are go through enrollment paperwork in the spring, generally May. Yearlong classes go through enrollment paperwork in the fall, generally November. Students requesting seats in the out-of-school option of taking Gallatin College courses must arrange their enrollment directly with the dual enrollment coordinator. Courses offered online have their own enrollment deadlines, contact their coordinator to determine the applicable deadline.

Students don’t need to wait for an enrollment session to complete their enrollment paperwork. All forms and instructions for how to fill them out can be found online at http://gallatin.montana.edu/programs/dual.php Students can also schedule a time to meet with the dual enrollment coordinator at BHS to discuss enrollment options.


How do I pay my tuition?

Students enrolled in in-school courses must pay their tuition just like a standard college student, by using MSU’s Student Accounts. Neither BHS nor the Dual Enrollment Coordinator can process payments or look up payment status. This can only be done through Student Accounts or by using MSU’s MyInfo system. Detailed instructions for how to log on to MyInfo can be found on our website (Click on the “How do I pay my tuition?” button at http://gallatin.montana.edu/programs/dual.php). Students will need their student ID number, which is sent to them by MSU admissions, in order to log in to MyInfo. MSU does not mail paper bills, they will correspond via email exclusively. You can also pay over the phone or in person on the MSU campus. To pay by credit card over the phone you can call student accounts at (406) 994-1991, their hours are 8-5 weekdays. You can also pay in person at the cashier windows in Montana Hall on the MSU campus. Please anticipate wait/hold times around fee-pay deadlines. Failure to pay for a class after the 15th day of instruction at MSU will result in students being dropped from the course. MSU’s calendar differs significantly from BHS’s such that high school classes may just be starting when the deadline for payment is due. Please pay as soon as you receive notification via email that a bill is due to avoid this problem.


How does this credit get recorded, is it transferable?

In-school courses and Gallatin College courses are recorded on an MSU transcript. This college transcript will follow the student wherever they attend college. Students should be mindful of this and attempt only courses they feel capable of passing (C- or better). They should drop courses in which they feel they are struggling before the 15th day of the start of the college semester (dates available from the dual enrollment coordinator or at http://calendar.msu.montana.edu/academic-term-calendar). After that students can still withdraw, it shows as a “w’ on the transcript up to the withdraw deadline.

These credits are fully transferable in the Montana University System. Gallatin College MSU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and as such, the credits are transferable amongst other similarly accredited programs. If you have questions about what a particular course will count towards in a Montana University System program/degree call Amy Williams. If you have questions about transferability to a particular school, call that school directly.


How can I figure out what classes are the right choice to save time and money when I get to college?

Talk to Gallatin College’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator-Career Pathways Advisor, Amy Williams, and schedule an appointment to talk about your options. She knows about regional and national labor trends, degree requirements, and career options that work for today’s job market. She works with two and four year colleges across the state daily and can help you understand how different courses fit with different types of degrees. To schedule an appointment, students or parents can call 994-3991 or email amy.williams12@montana.edu


I still have questions and/or I am confused!

It’s a lot of information! Let us help you figure out what you need. Set up an appointment and go from there. To schedule an appointment, students or parents can call 994-3991 or email amy.williams12@montana.edu

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