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Mission Statement

Bozeman High School, in collaboration with our community, provides a safe, positive environment in which everyone is valued.  Learning experiences are varied, academically challenging, and prepare students for college and career so all students become engaged citizens in the ever-changing global community.

BHS Core Purpose:
To inspire students to thrive at school and throughout life.

The Hawk Way, it's in the AIR...
Model Acceptance
Act with Integrity
Show Respect

The Latest from BHS

Schedules viewable on the Powerschool app are NOT accurate and will not be until schedules are officially released. Please be patient as we make adjustments. Schedules will be released to students on Monday, August 21st

Counselors are out of the office until Monday, August 21st and will not be responding to email requests for schedule changes. Please visit if you are seeking a schedule change or if you would like more information about the master schedule.

Schedules will be available to students in Power School Monday, August 21st.

2017-2018 BHS Curriculum Guide.pdf

Important Dates:

2017-2018 School Year
August 23rd: 9am Freshmen Orientation
August 29th: First Day of School
September 12th: Picture Day
September 14th: 6:30pm Back to School Night
September 18th-22nd: Homecoming Week
September 23rd: Homecoming Dance
October 19th-20th:  PIR Days (No School)
November 22nd-24th: Thanksgiving Holiday
November 27th: PIR Day (No School)
December 21st-January 2nd: Winter Break
January 17th-19th: 1st Semester Finals
March 12th-16th: Spring Break
April 21st: Prom
June 3rd: Graduation
June 5th-7th: 2nd Semester Finals
June 7th: Last Day of School

​​​BHS Phone Numbers

 Phone Number Fax Number 
(406) 522-6237
(406) 522-6252
Attendance (406)522-6210 (406)522-6278
Cafeteria (406) 522-6273 n/a
Counseling (406) 522-6204 (406) 522-6283 
Custodian (406) 522-6266 n/a
Finance Department (406) 522-6239     (406) 522-6278
Library (406) 522-6215 n/a
Main Office (406) 522-6200     (406) 522-6222
Message Center (406) 522-6203 n/a

Dual Enrollment for High School Students